Episode #34 Sing And Dance

When the going gets tough, the tough start dancing? Join Dr. Michael Brown and Casey Greenawalt as they discuss the serious benefits of not taking life too seriously.

Show Notes

If there is ever a time when we need to have a little more fun, we need to smile a little wider, we need to laugh and just let go – it’s during this challenging and difficult time.
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • We often respond to the stress in our lives with unhealthy coping mechanisms.
  • As we grow older, spontaneity requires more intentionality.
  • If our lives lack fun, we have chosen for them to be that way.

Three Principles

  • Life can be serious, but it shouldn’t be taken too seriously.
  • Spontaneous silliness can quickly deflate stress.
  • We are never too old to enjoy the activities we most loved as children.

Three Practices

  • Ask yourself in moments of stress, “How can I inject silliness into this situation?”
  • On occasion, announce to your household, “It’s time for a dance party!”
  • Incorporate an element of playfulness into every Zoom meeting.