Episode #22 Keep Asking Why

Asking the right questions creates movement in organizations and unlocks hidden potential in individuals. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Gabe Dunbar have a conversation about the ways that tenacious curiosity makes us more self-aware, more intentional, and more effective.

Show Notes

'Why?’ is the bridge that connects perspective and practice.
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • Some of our daily decisions do not produce the results that we desire.
  • We don’t like to ask “Why?” because the question requires us to face reality.
  • It’s far easier to say, “because I said so” than it is to thoughtfully consider, “Why?”

Three Principles

  • The first essential ingredient to success is perspective, and perspective is identified by first asking “Why?”
  • If every organization needs a mission statement, then so does every individual.
  • “Why?” helps us to know when to say “Yes” and when to say “No.”

Three Practices

  • Practice ‘Why Wednesdays’ by considering these questions at the middle of each week: “Why do I do the things that I do?” and “Are the things that I do producing the results that I hope they will?”
  • Reflect at the end of each day by asking, “Why did I do that?” and “Why did I feel that?”
  • Explore the motivations and priorities of the people who are closest to you.