Episode #181 Think Big Picture

We can’t see a work of art clearly when our nose is up against the canvas, but we need to step back to understand and appreciate it more fully. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Dan Costello encourage us to look beyond ourselves and begin with the end in mind.

Show Notes

If you look at a masterpiece, a big and beautiful and bold picture, it didn’t happen overnight. But every single detail in that picture matters. Every single choice we make in life counts. Every single moment matters.
Dr. Michael Brown

Five Problems

  • We are often too focused on the here and now to answer the big questions of life.
  • We are more likely to be burned out by our work when our role is disconnected from our organization’s mission.
  • We will not accomplish our most important goals if we fail to break them down into bite-sized daily decisions.
  • A life devoted to our own comfort, ease, and pleasure is rarely as meaningful as a life devoted to others.
  • We struggle to see the purpose of pain when we experience life not as a broad narrative but as a series of snapshots.

Five Principles

  • The first ingredient of success is perspective.
  • There is no belief that can impact our lives more than this: we are going to die.
  • We can take Stephen Covey’s words a step further, not just beginning with the end in mind but also becoming with the end in mind.
  • We may be the main character in our own story, but we are a supporting character in every other story.
  • Life is too sacred to invest in things that don’t really matter.

Five Practices

  • Consider the question, “Who do I want to be at the end of my life?” and take steps to become that person today.
  • Spend an afternoon this month writing your funeral journal, a list of statements you desire others to speak truthfully after you have breathed your last.
  • Prior to each significant decision, pause to evaluate its impact on others.
  • Don’t ask yourself, “Is this right or wrong?” but rather, “Is this wise and worthy of my effort and energy?”
  • View your parenting practices through the lens of, “Who do I want my children to become?”