Episode #180 Rejection Is Normal

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if our batting averages were always 100%? This week, Dr. Michael Brown and wedding photographer Jenna Greenawalt give us a framework for responding to failure, disappointment, and being told No.

Show Notes

It’s normal to strike out. It’s normal to get rejected. It’s normal to swing and miss.
Jenna Greenawalt

Three Problems

  • Rejection often leads us to question our self-worth.
  • We often hold ourselves to the standard of hitting a home run with every pitch that comes our way.
  • We tend to believe the lies that fear is fatal and failure is final.

Five Principles

  • We may not be able to decide when we fail, but we can always choose to fail forward.
  • Grieving is often the prerequisite to growing and going.
  • Rejection is the evidence that we are actually playing the game rather than merely sitting on the sidelines.
  • Even when we are not chosen by others, we can still choose ourselves.
  • All of today’s wins are connected to yesterday’s losses.

Three Practices

  • After each significant rejection, take a moment to grieve rather than ignoring the pain.
  • In order to recover from a rejection, remind yourself of what is true about you.
  • Consider rejection a convenient opportunity to study your mistakes and come back stronger next time.