Episode #151 Find Another Doctor

One of the most important questions we can ask ourselves in each area of life is, “Is this working?” This week, Dr. Michael Brown and future physician Russell Catania explore the essential ingredients of a fantastic doctor-patient relationship.

Show Notes

I need someone who will really listen. I can advocate for myself, I can tell them what I want and what I feel like I need… But also someone strong enough to say no.
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • Although we rarely tolerate toxic friends and family members, we often stick with the same old doctor that we don’t really like.
  • We may struggle to be as healthy as possible if we don’t have a healthy relationship with our healthcare provider.
  • Internet reviews are typically unhelpful in the search for a new doctor.

Seven Principles

  • Doctors are people too, so we shouldn’t be surprised to find out that they’re not perfect.
  • It may be time to find another doctor if they seem more interested in themselves than in their patients, if their schedule is inconvenient, or if they write prescriptions more than they engage in conversations.
  • The same priorities and principles that we apply to our everyday relationships should be applied to relationships with our doctors as well.
  • Just like a good friend, a good doctor is not afraid to tell us that we are wrong or to encourage us to do better.
  • Doctors are accustomed to patients coming and going from their practice, so they will not be offended if we find another provider.
  • A great doctor wants what is best for us, even if that means switching to a doctor who is a better fit.
  • The only thing that keeps our feet on this planet is our physical health.

Five Practices

  • Consider the question, “Is this the doctor who I want to be caring for me at the end of my life?”
  • When unsatisfied with a working relationship, ask yourself, “Is this just the way it is, or is this just the way I have experienced it so far?”
  • Be wary of a physician who always gives you what you want and always tells you what you want to hear.
  • When looking for a new doctor, begin by asking close friends and families if they have any recommendations.
  • When establishing care with a new medical provider, consider letting them know, “Here is what I am looking for in a healthcare provider.”