Episode #82 Struggle Is Normal

Let’s be honest – life is hard. It’s always been hard, and it will always be hard. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and author Amy Seiffert share their approach to navigating the day-to-day difficulties of life.

Show Notes

As I look back now, I think I can say this: I don’t think I would trade it. I have seen my son become stronger, persevere, do really hard things. His character has developed because he had to face a really hard reality at a young age.
Amy Seiffert

Three Problems

  • We live in a broken world.
  • Even in seasons of neutral where there is less than crisis, there is still struggle.
  • We often prefer to raise children who are safe rather than children who are strong.

Five Principles

  • We have so much in common because we all struggle.
  • Struggle builds the muscles of hope, courage, and perseverance like nothing else possibly can.
  • Today’s struggle will not be wasted tomorrow, but there is beauty on the other side.
  • Struggles are not strange, but we will feel strange if we don’t talk about them.
  • Some struggles require surgery rather than a bandage.

Three Practices

  • Save space for others’ struggle rather than merely trying to remove them from it.
  • Refuse to struggle alone, but invite trusted friends into each daily difficulty.
  • Identify the people in your life who are safe to struggle with, and take steps to resemble those people.

One Perspective

  • “We are all made of strength and struggle.” – Brené Brown