Episode #112 Live With Intention

Life is far too short to live on accident. This week, corporate executive Dan Costello shares his insights about Dr. Michael Brown’s favorite word.

Show Notes

The metric you can say to yourself of whether you are living with intention is when someone pays you that compliment… you can now confidently say, "Good, that’s what I meant to do."
Dan Costello

Three Problems

  • We often avert our eyes when someone asks for volunteers and then wonder why we never get promoted.
  • We will rarely become kind, selfless, or generous people on accident.
  • We are often most intentional in those areas that matter the least while neglecting those areas that matter the most.

Five Principles

  • The most frustrating aspect of our work is also our greatest opportunity to improve our workplace.
  • Identity is shaped primarily by the personal dimension of life, and character is more important than competence.
  • We can experience purpose and peace in a variety of professions – not only in our dream job.
  • We don’t need to wait for opportunities to fall into our laps, but we can create those opportunities for ourselves.
  • Fantastic leaders care more about people than productivity.

Five Practices

  • Identify your strengths by asking, “What do I often get compliments for?” and identify your passions by asking, “What do I care about that nobody else seems to care about?”
  • Schedule time every day when you will do the thing you are best at.
  • Whenever you receive a compliment, consider how you can be more intentional to grow in that particular area.
  • Raise your hand to accept a special assignment and added responsibility this week.
  • Redirect 100% of your complaining energy into problem solving.