Episode #53 Live Without Contradiction

At the end of the day, what we believe to be true about the world is on display in every choice we make. This week Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Tyler Schwanz highlight the importance of aligning our actions with our principles.

Show Notes

We would rather be right than knock on the door of truth. If it makes us right in a particular context, if it reinforces our current behaviors, if it reinforces our current excuses, if it reinforces our circumstances, then we will tell ourselves that story – even if it’s not true.
Dr. Tyler Schwanz

Three Problems

  • Contradiction is the inconsistency between beliefs and behaviors that leads to hypocrisy.
  • If we only ever accept information that reinforces our current choices, we will never give ourselves the opportunity to grow.
  • When we respond to stressful situations by making unhealthy choices, we allow those situations to become even more stressful.

Three Principles

  • We can demonstrate passion and humility simultaneously, and we can be both convinced and kind at the exact same time.
  • We are only ever moving forward or backward toward our goals, and coasting is always backward.
  • COVID-19 is not the only threat to our health and well-being in this season.

Three Practices

  • Enter into contentious conversations by first reminding yourself, “I might be wrong.”
  • Protect yourself against COVID-19 by not only ‘playing defense’ but also by ‘playing offense’ through daily healthy choices.
  • Evaluate yourself honestly by asking, “Am I healthier or less healthy today than I was a year ago?”