Episode #107 Live Your Legacy

With each and every choice, we are writing the next chapter of our life story. In this week’s episode of Three Words On The Road, Dr. Michael Brown sits with The Colin Group founder Colin Nguyen as they consider their personal legacies.

Show Notes

My mom was always positive. I mean, how can you be at a food bank on Christmas as an immigrant with no money and still able to ripple positive influence to your child? Legacy is about influence.
Colin Nguyen

Three Problems

  • We will never leave a legacy that we do not live.
  • We will not wake up one day having become someone we have not been becoming.
  • We will rarely stumble into success.

Five Principles

  • We have 100% control over our very next choice, and the accumulation of these choices paves the path for who we will be at the end of our lives.
  • A clear vision of who we want to become empowers us to make the choices necessary to become that very person.
  • Our calling in life is often found in the place of our greatest pain and woundedness.
  • We have the power to choose whether we will respond to the pain in our lives as a victim or a victor.
  • Leaving a legacy is about laying a path someone else can walk upon, a foundation someone else can build upon, and a life someone else can learn from.

Three Practices

  • Evaluate yourself honestly by asking the question, “Do I spend more time remembering my successes or reflecting on my values?”
  • Create regular rhythms of reset in order to remind yourself what is most important.
  • When the tasks before you feel overwhelming, break down your day into smaller, more manageable intervals.