Episode #183 Play To Win

Why are we tempted to live such mediocre lives? This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Beau Johnson encourage us to take the risks that matter most.

Show Notes

We can do less in a year than we think and far more in ten years than we could ever imagine possible.
Dr. Beau Johnson

Three Problems

  • A taste of success often leads us to protect our gains rather than keep pushing forward.
  • When we spend the entire game playing it safe, we might as well play to lose.
  • Too many leaders climb the ladder of success only to realize that the ladder was leaned against the wrong wall.

Eight Principles

  • Difficult choices made today often have more positive results than those same choices delayed until tomorrow.
  • The first ingredient to build our confidence is the courage to take risks.
  • Winning in life has far more to do with the depth of our relationships than the size of our bank accounts.
  • The most important risks we can take in life are connected to our core values.
  • Our personal definition of winning doesn’t need to (and probably shouldn’t) mirror the culture around us.
  • The goal is not necessarily to win but rather to play at our highest level.
  • We cannot always control the end result, but we can always control our effort.
  • We will learn so much more from our failures than from playing it safe.

Three Practices

  • Spend an hour this week reflecting on the question, “What does it mean for me to win at life?”
  • Consider adding a 0 to your most important goals – not writing 1 but 10 books, not visiting 2 but 20 countries, not growing your company by 3% but 30%.
  • Whenever you experience a success in life, make the choice to amplify your efforts rather than taking it easy.