Episode #166 Take More Pictures

Sometimes the best way to take better photos is simply to take more photos, and sometimes the opposite is true. This week, professional photographers Logan Brown (@loganbrown98) and Trevor Lee (@trevlee) offer their tips for capturing the moment while living in the moment.

Show Notes

There are so many tips you can give to a photographer on how to take better photos, but the one that’s most underrated is to just take photos with good intent.
Trevor Lee

Three Problems

  • We often create memories for the photo instead of creating memories for the memory.
  • If we only ever photograph the extraordinary, we may struggle to remember and appreciate the ordinary.
  • Our efforts to document a moment can occasionally dominate the moment.

Five Principles

  • The practice of photographing others can create intimate moments that deepen connection.
  • Boring scenes are boring in black and white, so changing camera settings to black and white helps us focus on emotion, texture, and light.
  • Film photography is to digital photography what a handwritten letter is to an email.
  • Taking a picture can cement a memory in our minds as a statement that, “This is a moment worth remembering.”
  • Sometimes it’s better to capture an imperfection than to share something perfectly polished.

Three Practices

  • Take photos that are meant to be savored rather than shared.
  • Before taking a photo, identify the purpose of the photo.
  • Instead of instructing someone to “Say cheese,” ask them to tell you a story that makes them smile.