Episode #77 Make A Mess

We can rarely make progress in achieving our goals if we are unwilling to embrace the messiness of imperfection. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Martha Chandran-Dickerson reflect upon beauty, growth, and an essential ingredient to experiencing both.

Show Notes

Messiness is a prerequisite to metamorphosis, which leads to magnificence.
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • We often present ourselves publicly in a way that is staged, filtered, and cleaned up.
  • When we limit others’ messiness, we may unintentionally impair their creative process.
  • The pursuit of order often distracts us from the pursuit of excellence.

Three Principles

  • Since life is messy for everyone, the sharing of our messiness with others cultivates connection.
  • The messiness of life is evidence that we are growing, changing, and evolving.
  • The journey is as exciting and formative as the destination.

Three Practices

  • Commit to never turning down a fun activity simply because it would create a mess.
  • Create a system of organization that works best for you even if it seems chaotic or confusing to others.
  • Pause to appreciate the beauty and the significance of your work rather than exclusively focusing on the finished product.