Episode #76 See Pain Differently

Although pain is never comfortable, it’s not always bad. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and chiropractor Dr. Tyler Schwanz consider the perspective that discomfort may actually have a bright side.

Show Notes

It really was the most tragic thing that happened in my life as a child, but it was an incredible gift that keeps giving in my life – that memory of my mother – but also keeps replicating itself into other people’s lives.
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • Ignoring our pain is comparable to ignoring our ‘check engine’ light; it leads us eventually to break down.
  • We often avoid the pain of relational conflict even though conflict cultivates closer connection.
  • We often fear that sharing our pain will create pity when in reality it could create community.

Three Principles

  • Leaning into pain as it emerges often creates more pain in the short-term but less pain in the long-term.
  • Pain has a protective purpose – to warn us that something is wrong and to help us move forward.
  • We would never grow if our lives were free of pain because we would have no reason to change anything.

Three Practices

  • Regarding the physical pain in your life, consider, “What might this pain be warning me about?”
  • Honestly evaluate whether any of the pain in your life is a consequence of unhealthy choices, and commit to alleviating the root cause of that pain rather than covering it up.
  • Write a list of painful past experiences that you now consider a gift.