Episode #32 Don’t Be Surprised

It’s an unavoidable reality that truly difficult things will happen to us. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Russell Catania discuss positive alternatives to ignoring or running away from our pain.

Show Notes

Don’t be surprised when life is difficult. And don’t be surprised when life is painful.
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • We will never be able to fully escape, explain, or eradicate the pain in our lives.
  • If we do not learn from the pain we create, we will continue to create more and more pain for ourselves.
  • We rarely become the best versions of ourselves in the absence of pain and difficulty.

Three Principles

  • Life becomes less difficult when we acknowledge that life is difficult.
  • Three healthy responses to pain: express it, become educated by it, and embrace it.
  • Pain can teach us about who we are and remind us what matters most.

Three Practices

  • Refuse to allow the presence of pain to jeopardize your joy, your contentment, or your happiness.
  • Let pain dwell with you long enough that you can learn from it and grow from it.
  • Persevere wherever you find yourself, even if there is some pain involved.