Episode #156 Break The Rules

Sometimes living an extraordinary life requires us to make choices that aren’t quite normal. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and saxophonist Mike Williams discuss creativity, career changes, and walking the line between faith and wisdom.

Show Notes

I slowly felt this gravitational pull, and eventually it got to a point where there was no way around it.
Mike Williams

Three Problems

  • Even our calling in life will occasionally involve boring moments and mundane responsibilities.
  • Our lives are rarely characterized by the comfort, control, certainty, and convenience that we most crave.
  • We will always face opposition when we attempt to innovate, create, and color outside the lines.

Five Principles

  • Living an exceptional life requires the courage to do hard things, even when the outcome is uncertain.
  • We can create opportunities to pursue our calling rather than just waiting for our calling to happen to us.
  • A big leap is less scary when we are connected to something bigger than ourselves.
  • The way it’s always been done is not the way it should always be done.
  • Wherever we seek to break the rules, we must surround ourselves with cheerleaders to drown out the critics.

Three Practices

  • Whenever you wonder whether the struggle is worth it, remind yourself why you entered the struggle in the first place.
  • If you’ve been feeling that pull toward a new profession for years, make a decision to say, “Enough is enough,” and finally take that leap of faith.
  • Consider pursuing your passion on the side before choosing to jump into it full time.