Episode #50 Stop Comparing Yourself

How do you respond when you see the people around you experiencing success? This week Dr. Michael Brown chats with Casey Greenawalt about making the switch from passive envy to productive energy.

Show Notes

I decided to take social media off my phone for a little while, and it feels really good. I don’t feel like I have to get on my phone and scroll every day and see what everyone else is doing.
Casey Greenawalt

Three Problems

  • We often want what others have without putting in the work required to receive what they have.
  • Comparison is the thief of contentment.
  • Comparison involves preoccupation with ourselves and impairs our ability to celebrate others.

Three Principles

  • The three threats to becoming the best versions of ourselves are cynicism, complaining, and comparison.
  • Comparison is rooted in jealousy, whereas comparing is rooted in the desire to make positive changes.
  • When we begin to become someone we are not, this indicates we have fallen into the comparison trap.

Three Practices

  • Invest your energy learning from those who possess the qualities you desire rather than investing your energy feeling upset with what you don’t have.
  • Focus on becoming the best version of yourself rather than becoming more like someone else.
  • Reinvest the time you spend on social media with positive choices that will create the changes you envy in others.