Episode #148 Write A Book

We have so much in our hearts and minds to offer the world, if only we will take a leap of faith by putting pen to paper. This week, aspiring author Dr. Michael Brown sits with writing coach Amy Seiffert for a helpful dialogue about legacy, proactivity, and the willingness to lean into imperfection.

Show Notes

The publisher emailed and said, "You have a line in the last chapter of Chin Up that we love – I’ve never met anybody that can’t wear grace. Would you give us a 100-day devotional on Grace Looks Amazing on You?"
Amy Seiffert

Three Problems

  • The greatest hurdles to writing are perfectionism, lack of time, and imposter syndrome.
  • We will never find the time that we don’t create.
  • Nobody sabotages our own progress in life as much as we do.

Five Principles

  • The stories we share are some of our most meaningful extensions of ourselves.
  • When baking a cake, the goal is not to make it perfect but to make it delicious.
  • Even if someone has already said something you wish to say, you can still say it in a way that is powerfully unique to you.
  • Publishers are looking for writers with two of the following: content, style, and platform.
  • All authors must work in the proper order – writing first and editing second.

Six Practices

  • Whether it's a number of words per day or number of hours per week, identify a writing goal that works best for you.
  • Carefully consider the Why, What, and Who of each writing project.
  • Read Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott.
  • If there are a dozen stories that you want to share with the world, begin with one.
  • Prioritize your writing time in those spaces and places where you are most creative.
  • Consider hiring a writing coach for those times when you are stuck, stale, or struggling.

One Perspective

  • “Everyone is an expert in their experience.” – Aundi Kolber