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Celebrate Others Often

May 29, 2023

This Memorial Day, we are reminded that we don’t need to wait for a national holiday to highlight the peace, protection, and purpose that others bring to our lives. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and clinical counselor Steve Rieske diagnose our tendency to celebrate others only occasionally and offer their insights for creating a lifestyle of affirmation and encouragement.

  • Dr. Michael Brown
  • SR

Doubt Is Okay

November 28, 2022

It is better to ask hard questions than to leave them unanswered… or answered incorrectly. This week, counselor and pastor Steve Rieske shares with Dr. Michael Brown a surprising perspective that could help each of us to become more fully alive.

  • Dr. Michael Brown
  • SR

Fear Repels Love

April 25, 2022

Whether it is with our romantic partner, family member, or friend… many of our relationships are struggling. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and counselor Steve Rieske explore the primary cause of conflict we experience with the people we love most.

  • Dr. Michael Brown
  • SR

Stop Chasing Happiness

January 10, 2022

Positive feelings and emotions are nice, but they shouldn’t be our greatest goal in life. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and counselor Steve Rieske count the cost of a life devoted to pursuing the wrong thing.

  • Dr. Michael Brown
  • SR

Feed Your Soul

October 18, 2021

We are quite familiar with how to feed our bodies. But what does it look like to also – and perhaps even more importantly – feed our souls? This week, Dr. Michael Brown and spiritual leader Steve Rieske introduce a powerful analogy that offers insights into how we can become truly satisfied in life.

  • SR

Controlling Isn't Caring

August 30, 2021

Some of the most difficult people to love are those who are most controlling, and this is why controlling people so often feel unloved. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and clinical counselor Steve Rieske discuss tense relationships, hostile workplaces, and unsafe households.

  • Dr. Michael Brown
  • SR

Is Unity Possible?

February 22, 2021

The notion of unity can be both powerful and unsettling: powerful because it tugs at the heartstrings of what we most desire, yet unsettling because we fear for what we might lose in the process. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Steve Rieske bring their 3-part conversation about our Country in Crisis to a very practical and hopeful conclusion.

  • Dr. Michael Brown
  • SR

Is Truth Knowable?

February 15, 2021

Is the sky really blue? Did the moon landing even happen? Does God actually exist? This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Steve Rieske continue their conversation about our Country in Crisis by considering the distinction between confidence and certainty in our understanding of reality.

  • Dr. Michael Brown
  • SR

Is Crisis Inevitable?

February 8, 2021

If there is anything we can all agree on, it is that we live in a world full of conflict and chaos. This week, Dr. Michael Brown is joined by historian, philosopher, and thought leader Steve Rieske in the first episode of a three-part series called Country in Crisis.

  • Dr. Michael Brown
  • SR