Episode #175 Balance Is Impossible

We may be able to do it all, but we certainly can’t do it all today. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Beau Johnson look toward a 2024 where we can be healthier and more alive.

Show Notes

What if instead of seeing our work as cheating our kids, we could see it as part of training our kids? And wouldn’t our workplace be richer and more enjoyable if we brought some of who we are into our workplace?
Dr. Beau Johnson

Seven Problems

  • The pursuit of balance presumes the possibility of perfection.
  • When we say that we want a better work-life balance, we typically mean that we want less work and more life.
  • We often treat Monday through Thursday as a dress rehearsal for the weekend.
  • If we treat our work like a time card, our work will treat us like a time card puncher.
  • We tend to blame our work for a lack of balance while simultaneously squandering our 6:00pm – 6:00am.
  • We will regularly let others down even while making thoughtful and intentional decisions.
  • We often treat life as a sprint rather than a marathon.

Eight Principles

  • Balance is not a circumstance that happens to us but rather a choice that we make.
  • The most important hours of our day are the first hour and the last hour.
  • More can happen in a minute of intentionality than in a month of unintentionality.
  • Sometimes the most effective way to accelerate our impact is to slow down.
  • The accumulation of small choices and daily decisions will inevitably lead to the outcomes we desire.
  • We don’t need to wait until we have the perfect plan to establish a new routine.
  • Balance may be impossible, but wellbeing is entirely achievable.
  • We are unlikely to find ourselves feeling burnt out if we regularly and deeply connect with other human beings.

Five Practices

  • Identify opportunities to integrate your work life and your non-work life.
  • When life feels out of balance, identify which No could enable your Yes to really be Yes.
  • Substitute the question “What’s the most I can give?” with “What’s the best I can give?”
  • Whatever it is that you choose to say Yes to today, do it all out and all the way.
  • When you struggle to say No, try saying Not Yet.