Episode #161 Choose Your Hard

Life is more frequently characterized by tough breaks and difficult days than by lottery wins and smooth sailing. This week, Dr. Russell Catania sits with a very excited Dr. Michael Brown in another classic conversation about choices.

Show Notes

I can’t help but reflect on all of the things that I’m being reactive about instead of proactive about.
Dr. Russell Catania

Three Problems

  • If we don’t make a habit of doing hard things, we will experience even harder consequences of taking the easy way out.
  • The path of least resistance, although initially comfortable, eventually leads to a place that is uncomfortable.
  • Coasting is always backwards.

Five Principles

  • Life becomes far less difficult when we acknowledge and accept that life is difficult.
  • We cannot change the fact that life is hard, but we can always choose what makes it hard.
  • Pain is not an adversary to resist but a friend to embrace.
  • Proactive choices are more likely than reactive choices to lead to positive outcomes.
  • Life may be hard, but it is often far simpler than we make it out to be.

Three Paradigms

  • It is hard to be physically healthy, but it is harder to have poor health.
  • It is hard to live on a budget, but it is harder to have insufficient funds.
  • It is hard to wake up early, but it is harder not to have enough time.

Three Practices

  • When faced with what feels like a monumental difficulty or decision, begin by identifying those small choices you can make right now.
  • Evaluate yourself honestly by considering, “What choices yesterday contributed to my difficult circumstances today?”
  • Identify one difficult choice today that would make life easier tomorrow.

One Perspective

  • “Everything you want is on the other side of hard.” – Monty Williams